Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Library

We have found a new love each week...the library! When we moved to the small town of Valley Park, Missouri, we went to get our occupancy permit at the "city hall" building and there was a small little room filled with books, I'm not even sure it should be called a library! Not that East Peoria's library was awesome, but it was much better than that! However, recently, I discovered there is a much larger St. Louis County library about 3 minutes from our house. It only took me almost a year to figure this out...but in my defense it is on a road I didn't realize was even there, and behind a large shopping center. Since we discovered it, we have frequented the library each week and Kennedy LOVES picking out books and movies to check out, with her very own library card. Today we came home with 8 or 9 books and three of which we are watching as I type...Sunday School Musical...oh boy. We also checked out The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday which should be quite fitting, since her 4th birthday is in less than 2 weeks! My little baby is growing up!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early Morning Fun

We had the girls out until about 10:30 last night at graduation parties. We were hoping that meant they would sleep extra long this morning...yeah right! Ansley was awake by 7 am and ready to play. So we spent some time taking videos of her on daddy's computer and then watching them over and over and over again. I need to get a video of her watching her videos because it is so funny...she really gets into it! Once again she was hamming it up this morning.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Loving the Spotlight

One of Ansley's favorite things to do is to look at herself on the computer using the camera on it. Today she was really enjoying it, being quite the ham. She was playing peek-a-boo with herself and making silly faces. She may not have quite the infatuation with Elmo that her sister did at this age, but she sure looks cute in one of Kennedy's old outfits today. Eventually Kennedy pulled herself away from Backyardigans to join in on the fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day at the Park

Today we spent the afternoon at Suson Park. It has a farm area with cows, horses, chickens, goats, etc. and a playground. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

My girls love their shoes! Of course, after visiting Nana and Papa and seeing Nana's collection of shoes (she has lots!!!), I see where they get it from. Ansley found a pair of Kennedy's dress up shoes today and thought she looked mighty pretty in them.

Trip to Omaha

Last week, Jeremy took a few days off and we went to Omaha to visit his parents. We had a great time and are looking forward to when we can go back. We went to visit Jeremy's dad at work (Union Pacific), went to the Children's Museum, and the zoo. We also spent a lot of time playing with Aunt Cassidi's American Girl doll collection. Jeremy made the mistake of telling Kennedy we would have to go to Chicago sometime to get her an American Girl doll. Then I told him how much they cost, and he's hoping she'll forget he ever said that. Kennedy also enjoyed watching movies from Aunt Cassidi's collection, including her new favorite movie Annie. The song "Tomorrow" can be heard throughout our house quite frequently now. The girls loved being spoiled by Nana and Papa, and Kennedy told us she thinks sometime she should go to Omaha, and we should leave her there by herself with Nana and Papa (Ansley should stay with Mommy and Daddy too she said). She loves having them all to herself. Click on this picture to see even more.
From Omaha Trip

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

We've had a nice Mother's Day so far. Our church had a breakfast today and then Jeremy took us out to eat after church for lunch. The kids at church even sang some special songs for the mommies, but of course Kennedy wouldn't participate. She's just too shy--or at least that's what she says! Kennedy picked me out a purple candle from Target, but was too excited to keep it a secret, and although Daddy had her wrap it up for me, she also unwrapped it for me. Jeremy surprised me with a weekend getaway in November to a Beth Moore conference in Springfield, IL with my good friend Kristin! I'm looking forward to that! The girls are getting ready to nap/have "quiet" time, so I may just do the same! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Race #2

Today was my second 5K. This was supposed to be the first one that I would run, and my little sister Betsy would come up to run with me. We both decided that we were ready to run one sooner, but she still came up to run this weekend. It was about 55 degrees, but felt great while running, and it was such a pretty scenic run through some of the streets of Webster Groves, which is quite a quaint little town, with lots of huge, old houses. My goal was 36 minutes. However, I really didn't expect to make it (pessimistic I realize), since I have slacked on my running the past few weeks. Betsy was kind enough to run with me, which was pretty slow for her, considering she won a trophy in her 5K last weekend! We finished in 37 minutes, which was a minute faster than my last race, so I'm happy with that. I honestly think had we not stopped for water twice, we would have finished in 36, because the water lines were pretty slow. But I'm not complaining, because that water was good! Jeremy and the girls came out to cheer us on and even took some pictures. I don't have another race on my schedule, but I definitely plan on continuing with my running!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look Who's Talking!

Here are two short videos of Ansley saying some of her favorite words.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look Who's 15 Months!

I find it hard to believe my baby is 15 months old! She had her check-up yesterday and her stats are as follows:
Weight: 22 pounds (25-50th percentile)
Height: 30.5 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 19.75 inches (still off the chart, but finally starting to taper off!)

Some of Ansley's favorite things are Dora, anything sweet to eat, milk, playing with whatever Kennedy does not want her to have, eating crayons, unrolling the toilet paper roll, trying to play in the toilet, climbing on anything and everything (we've had 3 big falls in the past 24 hours! I think she's okay though!), pointing out body parts--especially mommy's belly in public--which requires lifting my shirt (embarrassing!), chewing on her "burpie" as we so lovingly refer to the nasty burp cloths that she won't part with, being independent, music, dancing, going places (doesn't matter where, she gets really excited when we get in the car!), being chased, reading books, and sitting in mommy/daddy's lap. She is so much more a cuddler than Kennedy ever was!

She's still pretty laid back and flexible, sometimes she gets 2 naps a day, sometimes it's only one, it never really affects her one way or the other. However, she is learning to become a little more temperamental, which I think we can thank her sister for. She is learning to throw fits if she doesn't get her way, but they never last very long. She also has the best little puppy dog face and can break into tears at the slightest scolding!

She is talking up a storm, although usually in her own language. She is starting to say a lot of things though. If we ask her to say something, she pretty much tries to say it. Sometimes it sounds right, sometimes it doesn't. Jeremy was downstairs yesterday and I was yelling for him, and she starting yelling his name too. It was pretty funny.

She's going to make her first trip to Nana and Papa's in Omaha next week. We haven't been to their house in a long time, so Jeremy is taking a week off so we can go spend some time there. Kennedy is ecstatic, and I'm sure if Ansley understood, she would be too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update to Last Post

I'm very sad to say that our friend that was missing was found dead today. You can read more about it here.

You Know You're Tired When...

You can't stay awake during lunch!

***On a much more serious note, please say a prayer for the Rine/Pate family. Micah Rine Pate is married and living in Memphis, and she went for a walk/run by herself last night and has been missing ever since. Her phone/keys/id were all left at home. We were very close with her family in college, and knew Micah since she was in high school. As of now, I don't think they have any leads or ideas as to what happened. I cannot imagine what they are going through now, and am praying they find Micah soon and unharmed!