Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bye Elmo

This is just a quick video of Kennedy saying bye to Elmo. She is getting to the stage where everything must be played 50 times in a row. Let's just say that Elmo is not on my "let's watch" list right now.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Snow Storm

Dec. 1st snow storm
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For those of you that don't live in the northern states...this is a snow storm. We got over a foot of snow AFTER 2 inches of ice. The ENTIRE family was stuck at our house all day. After a weekend of shoveling and getting cars unstuck, KJ and I got to play a little. Be sure to check out the pictures by clicking this picture.

(yes, this makes 3 posts in one day)

Black-eye giggles

black-eye giggles
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Well, this past Monday Kennedy decided to pull a TV tray down on top of her. She obviously thought it was funny.

Great Grandpa & KJ

Great Grandpa & KJ
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This past friday (Dec. 1st), Laura's grandpa Horsley passed away. Grandpa had cancer for quite a while, and it finally beat his physical body. Over the last couple months, Grandpa was in and out of the hospital and ws in the nursing home for about 2-3 months, and Kennedy would love to go visit him. We passed the nursing home every day on the way to school, and she would point and say, "paw-paw" everytime.

This picture is of the last family breakfast we had with grandpa, in October. Grandpa was always trying to make KJ laugh, and wanting some kisses. She obliged as much as a 1 yr. old would. She even would go up and touch his tatoo on his arm saying, "TOO". (His tatoo said "EJH" it stood for Ed J. Horsley...the funny thing is that he didn't have a middle name, he just didn't want his arm to say EH)

Grandpa Horsley's passing brought back so many memories of my Grandpa and his passing 8 years ago. So much of Grandpa Horsley reminded me of my Grandpa Kayser. From their jokes to their servant hearts.

I know how much we were blessed by being able to spend time with grandpa and seeing his Godly example, but I can't wait to tell Kennedy about her Great Grandpas that loved her so much.