Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Week with Nana

A week after Ansley was born, my mom came and stayed with us while I went back to school. It should be said that she wanted to come right when Ansley was born, but came a week later because of my schedule. She basically gave Laura another week of having help before having two girls by herself. We were so thankful that she was able to come and spend a little time with two of her granddaughters. I know that that they were sure glad to have her there for a week.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gotta Love Photo Booth

I have a great time with my girls. I grew up with 2 brothers, and a much younger sister so I had no clue what to expect from having daughters. Well, I can't imagine it any other way. I have been so blessed by the three ladies in my life.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Pictures I Forgot to Put on Here

This was a picture of KJ from Laura's birthday dinner. Probably our favorite picture of her.

This is KJ painting at the Children's Museum in Bloomington

The first time KJ held Ansley

Little hand

KJ watched about 30 min. of her movie like this on
the first day we brought Ansley home.

My first time with both of my beautiful girls

Eyes Wide Open

This is a rare shot of Ansley with her eyes open. She is a very sleepy baby. In fact, Laura's mom hasn't even seen her eyes.

I am getting ready to go back to work today. I'm really going to miss the time I've spent with Laura, KJ, and Ansley this past week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perfect Combo

Well, I had to put this on here. Laura and I have been mistaken for brother and sister before. So I thought this was very fitting. (note--we are not brother and sister)

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Familytrees - Free genealogy websites

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I think it might really annoy Laura if I did this, but we'll start out anyway.

5:45am- We leave for the hospital to pick up our baby

5:55am- We get to the hospital and nobody is in sight. Kind of freaky. We don't see anyone until we get to the Labor area

6:05am- We get into the room and Laura gets ready to go. The room is HUGE. Couch...TV...Cable...all for the baby and Laura of course.

6:06am- I turn on ESPN (Don't make fun of me--1) We don't have cable 2) It's Super Bowl Sunday 3) No contractions and amniotic fluid is still in place--I'm a good husband :)

6:10am- The nurses come in to get Laura situated. They stick her about 10 times for the IV before putting it in her hand. They strap Laura up. Baby-Good. Mom-Good. I'm getting breakfast.

6:55am- Oxytocin is started...Game Time

6:58am- Laura finds remote and turns it to TBS. (Who does she think she is?)

7:50am- "game time" I really meant "wait time". Laura just started contracting, but not major or regular.

8:50am- Laura is good...nothing is on TV

11:00am- Laura is watching TV

4:00pm- I am watching TV

5:30pm- Super Bowl time. I predict the Giants to make a game out of it, but get beaten in the 4th quarter. GO GIANTS!

Half Time- (notice I'm not even looking at the clock anymore) Game is pretty good, but not a great game. It's 7-3. Oh yeah, Laura's contractions are getting stronger. We have stopped calling people b/c they expect that the baby should be here.

HOLY COW!!! That play by Eli was CRAZY! Easily the most unexpected play to come from Eli. I thought he was sacked for sure...and what an amazing catch! He is officially my favorite quarterback. I'm on the Eli bandwagon.

Game over- That's the best Super Bowl I've seen in a while. Good game.

15 min. after game...Laura is ready to push. She pushes through two contractions and the nurse says we have to wait for the Doctor to push anymore.

25 min. after game...Doctor arrives, and Laura pushes through 4 contractions and out comes Ansley (7lbs 13 oz.--19 in.).

On a more serious note, Laura had a few complications after the delivery. The doctor was having trouble getting her to stop bleeding. It seriously took him about 15 min. He said that she lost twice what you would lose when giving blood. Needless to say, she is still not 100%, but she is doing good and is at home.

KJ is doing good too. She seems to be a little unsure about having a little sister, but appears to be excited.

Ansley is doing good. She is a beautiful baby, and loves to sleep...except between the hours of 8pm-6am. Besides that, she sleeps great.

Here's a picture. Just click on it to see some more.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More posts coming

This is just a quick note to let ya'll know that Laura will be induced tomorrow morning (Sunday the 3rd) at 6 am.

Please pray for a smooth delivery of a healthy baby.

Kennedy is at Grandma and Grandpa Cordry's, and we are just getting to bed for our last full night of sleep for a while.