Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time Out

I know it's hard to believe one of my precious girls would ever have the need for a time out, but occasionally, it does happen. You know, only like 8, 9, or 10 times a day. :)

Today Kennedy was sent to time out, and I ran downstairs to change out some laundry. When I came upstairs this is what I found.

Apparently, Ansley felt bad for her sister and decided to join her!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mad Face

Ask Ansley to show you her mad face, and this is what you get. If you're lucky, she'll even cross her arms across her chest. I guess that's her really mad face!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

We've never really done much for St. Patty's Day around here, but last year the girls and I went to play at a friend's house and they had made traps for Leprechauns and really got into the day. Although Kennedy left with a big fear of Leprechauns, I did decide it would be fun to do a little something for St. Patrick's Day. So...this year we made rainbow cupcakes, and of course we plan on wearing green on Wednesday...just no mention of the little green guys! Here's a picture of the girls enjoying our creation.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's that picture I promised you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

I realize I've been slacking in my blog posts. I've started an online job writing articles for a company called, and any time I have a chance to get on the computer, I start working on it. It's a really easy way to make some money, and in the four weeks I have worked, I have met or exceeded my goal of $100/week. I wasn't really looking for work, but heard about this, decided to give it a try, and really like it! I'm trying to get better at managing my time with it though. I usually only write articles while the girls are sleeping, or if they happen to be watching a show.

We've enjoyed the weather these past few days! We've spent a lot of time outside and I even have gone running a couple of days--which I haven't done in quite some time! It felt good at the time, but my body is aching all over today! The only thing I don't like about spring is that my sinuses start acting up. Why doesn't anyone ever warn you about all the things that change after you have a baby? I've never had a seasonal allergy in my life until after I gave birth to Kennedy! It's kinda like how my hair was bone straight until I had babies, and now it's got a wave in it if I don't dry it all the way--but not a nice wave that I can work with--an ugly one! I digress though. Anyways, last night I had an attack of the sinus headache, and it was no fun!

Kennedy has said a few things recently that have cracked me up. The best one was when she was talking about Ayden, a little boy at school she has quite a crush on. She said to me one night "Ayden's just not really into me this week" and when I asked her what that meant, she said "Oh nevermind!" I find it funny how there are certain sayings that I just expect for her to understand, but I find out she doesn't. She is always asking me "Mom, what does 'I don't care' mean again?" Apparently when she asks me if she can do something, I often reply with "I don't care" but she doesn't really understand if that means "yes" or "no."

Ansley is talking more and more each day, and putting words together in sentences. Last night she looked at me with her big eyes and snot running down her nose (both girls are fighting colds) and said "Me have brownie to eat mommy please?" How could I resist that? Last week her and I were at the library when she very loudly stated "Mommy, I tooted!" Caught off guard by that and unsure how to respond as I hear snickers, I said "Did you say excuse me?" She replied "Oh, scuse me!" She certainly has quite the personality starting to show more and more.

This weekend was filled with exciting news for our family! First, Betsy called on Saturday afternoon to tell us she was engaged! I knew the first time I met Chad that he was the one for Betsy, and not only am I excited I was right, but we are super excited for both of them! Their wedding is July 24 in Rogers, Arkansas, and we are so happy! My mom, sister Stacy, and sister-in-law Kendal are all going down there in two weeks to start shopping and planning--can't wait for that!

Saturday night we got a call from Jeremy's sister Cassidi that she too was engaged! They are planning a December wedding right here in St. Louis, and we are so excited for that too! My girls are going to be flowergirl pros by the time the year is over!

Since the girls are upstairs for nap and quiet time, I don't even have a picture to show you. I will try to remember to take one when they get up and I'll post it for those of you that only check the blog for pictures! :)