Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's Your Favorite Color?

My girls LOVE the color pink. The more pink, the better in their opinion. It doesn't matter what shade of pink, as long as it's pink. Today in Sunday School, Ansley's teachers were talking about colors with her and asking her what her favorite color was (she'll tell you--pink). Apparently they were going through a list of people and asked her what her Daddy's favorite color was. She knows her all of her colors, but this was her reply:


Isn't she smart?

Also at Sunday School today, Kennedy discovered how much she loves Fun Dip. . . you know the candy with the white stick that you lick and then dip into a powdery colored sugar substance. She got some with her Valentine's at school, but wouldn't try it, because she thought it looked weird. Today I went to pick her up from class and she looked at me with a full green mustache above her lips, held up the Fun Dip, and said "I found out I LOVE Fun Dip!" Thank you Ms. Suzanne for introducing her to this yummy candy. I'm sure our dentist will thank you! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silly Girls

Here are some videos of my silly girls.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four Months Left of Being Four

After my last post, I realized most of my posts lately have focused on Ansley. So I decided I needed to post about my 4 going on 14 year old daughter, Kennedy. Most people don't see the real side of Kennedy. She is so stinking shy and won't even hardly say "hi" to people outside of family when we see them. Once she gets to know you and becomes comfortable, then the real Kennedy starts to come out...or if you're over at our house in her territory...then she's pretty real too. She really likes to act like she's a teenager at times, but then still really likes to cuddle like a baby at others. She can be the nicest little sweetheart, or the orneriest little girl ever. She likes trying to use big words, often times not in the right way, but always makes us laugh. She also tends to be quite dramatic. Here are a few conversations we've had lately.

Laura: "So Kennedy what did you do at school today?"
Kennedy: "Mom we had inside recess and Jillian is FANTASTIC at hopscotching!"

Kennedy: "Mom, do you know what kind of valentines I saw at Walgreens?"
Laura: "Um, I don't know? My Little Pony?"
Kennedy (with finger in the air): INCORRECT!
Laura: "How do you know the word incorrect?"
Kennedy: "I learned it on Wordgirl."
Laura: "Oh. What does it mean?"
Kennedy: "It means your wrong!"

Laura: "Kennedy do you want cereal for breakfast?"
Kennedy: "Thanks! Oh, and mom, thanks means yes today."

Last night we were in her bed talking about school. She was talking a mile a minute. Her conversation went something like this:
Kennedy: "Mom, school is so much fun. My teachers are so great. We get snacks every Tuesday and Thursday AND do a craft every Tuesday and Thursday! (She only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays) Oh, and Aidan, oh mom, he is so hilarious. We always play together and he makes me laugh so much...Mom, when you were four did you have a boyfriend?"
Laura: "You mean friends that are boys?"
Kennedy: "No, mom...a boyfriend."
Laura: "Um..." (not sure if I should tell her the truth about my love for Aaron Witt at that age, or lie) "Mommy had a little friend that I called my boyfriend, but he was really just a friend."
Kennedy: "Did you hug or kiss your boyfriend?"
Laura: (Trying again to figure out if I lie or tell her about the memory I have of chasing him around our house trying to kiss him) "Well, one time Aunt Stacy told me to chase him and try to kiss him, but he ran away" (I thought putting the blame on Aunt Stacy would be the best choice). "But, four year olds don't really kiss, I was just being silly."

This morning Jeremy took her to McDonald's for breakfast before school. When I picked her up from school I was asking her about it. Her response was: "Mom, they have cinnamon rolls there that are WAY better than yours!"

A few weeks ago when Ansley was sick, Kennedy and I went to the library together. Afterwards, I asked her if she wanted to go get some hot chocolate with me at Starbucks. She thought that was a great idea. After we got the hot chocolate, I asked her if she wanted me to take off the lid so she could eat the whipped cream first. With wide eyes, she eagerly told me yes. After I took the lid off, she looked at it and said "Is that chocolate syrup on the whipped cream?" After I told her yes she excitedly said "Oh, my goodness, this place makes the best hot chocolate ever!"

Today Ansley and I went to Michael's before picking Kennedy up from school. They had some cute socks for $1.00. Kennedy really loves cute socks for some reason, and so I got her two pair. When I gave them to her after school she was so excited. She asked me how I knew she needed new pink and purple socks as she put on one of the pairs. After they were on she said "Mom, these socks are so rockin!"

She's a goofball, but I love her! Here's a picture of my little drama queen, and one of her new rockin socks that she made me take a picture of!

Last Day of Being One!

Today is the last day I will have a one-year-old in my house! Tomorrow Ansley turns two! Here's a few pictures of her last day of numero uno. These pictures were the best I could get--she's already starting to act like a two-year-old!