Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Poor, Neglected Blog

So my last post was in November. Yeah, sorry about that. I think I give excuses every time, but I've just been plain neglectful of this blog. I guess I figure anyone that reads it (the one or two of you out there) probably is on Facebook and keeps up with our life there. Maybe I'm wrong though.

So Christmas came and went, followed shortly thereafter by our 11-year anniversary and my 30-something birthday. Ansley's birthday was February 3, and she had her first "friends" birthday party. She wanted a "Dorothy" (aka Wizard of Oz) party, so being the awesome mom I am, I complied. I had to get pretty creative though, as Wizard of Oz stuff is not sold at the party stores! She had a great time though and loved having all of the attention on her.

In mid-February, Mr. Ian got tubes put in his ears, which we are hoping takes care of his pretty much constant ear infections that he had from October-February. Poor little guy has been pitiful--but only at night. During the day, he was as happy as could be, but at night when we tried to put him in his crib, he would scream in pain. Because of that, we spent many (okay maybe two months worth) nights on the couch with him. Thanks to that spoiling, this week we are having crib-bootcamp and forcing him to get used to sleeping in his crib again. So. Much. Fun. Let me tell ya! He is talking our ears off though, and pretty much repeats anything we say. For some unknown reason, I taught the girls the "jinx" game, where if you say something at the same time with another person you can "jinx" them, which makes them unable to speak until someone says their name. Note to self--don't ever teach your kids this game--so annoying! Well anyways, the other day in the car that happened, and one of the girls shouted "jinx!" About 2 seconds later, Ian repeated "Jinx!" We all died laughing. He is a little comedian who loves to sing (especially Justin Bieber songs) and dance. Don't worry, like any good parents we've gotten it on tape many times for future blackmail.

Kennedy's still loving first grade. She loves math and reading. I love that she can read to herself now! I could only handle so much Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. I especially love watching her read to Ian and Ansley! Melts my heart! I still can't believe that I have an almost 7 year old. And second grade next year? Crazy! One of her highlights after Christmas was getting 3 fish. Of course 2 of them died within a week, but Claire the fish is still going strong!

Since a blog post would not be complete without cute pictures, here are a few to help catch you up since November (in no particular order).

Kennedy at her First Grade Musical (The Share Bears) with her favorite music teacher.

Kennedy made Jeremy and I breakfast for our anniversary :)

Ian before his surgery

Ansley's birthday party

Ian's favorite seat

Ian often has trouble staying awake at lunch.


The girls at gymnastics

Cute matching shirts/headbands/bracelets made by Aunt Kendal


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Even though I do keep up with you on FB, I enjoy reading about your family on your blog as well.